Vortex IKON

Ian Thorpe OAM

Olympic gold medalist & Vortex IKON ambassador

Relaxation reimagined.

Viking Spas through their partnership with Vortex Spas is proud to introduce the IKON to the United States.

IKON is what happens when you start with a clean slate, remove all the clutter and focus entirely on form, function and the experience. It is inspired by luxury marine and modern architecture, and driven by a burning desire to innovate.

Painstakingly designed from the ground up with meticulous attention to detail, IKON is a total rethink of how spa technology and modern living come together for the ultimate in relaxation.

IKON is a spa pool like no other.

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Comfort redefined.

Landscape Seating

IKON takes a whole new approach to spa seating. We recognise that people like to move around and adjust their depth to regulate body temperature. Instead of being restricted to one position, IKON’s gently contoured landscape seating allows you to sit naturally in multiple positions. Whether you want to lie back, sit up, swivel around or cool off, you can move easily and adjust your body for the ideal level of immersion.

Adding to new levels of spa comfort, IKON’s hydrotherapy jets are discreetly distributed for maximum relief and minimal intrusion.

Inspired by luxury marine.

Spa Deck

IKON features a maintenance free Flexiteek™ deck, just like those seen on super yachts the world over. The spa deck provides space to sit or lie down, yet stay close to the action, as well as room to put food, drinks and towels.

Enjoy the feeling of a luxury super yacht and all the benefits of an in-ground spa, while maintaining portability.

Contemporary design cues.

Architectural Cabinetry

Nowhere is IKON’s architectural influence more apparent than in the aluminum composite cladding that defines the striking angles of the exterior cabinet. Flush, screwless surfaces and contemporary negative edge detailing are combined in this high performance and maintenance free cladding. IKON is designed to complement your modern architecture and lifestyle.

IKON is available in two beautiful colors: Carbon and Cloud. A Cladding that looks stunning and delivers high performance year after year.

Moods to suit yours.

Total Control

IKON’s jets, lighting, water temperature and setup are fully adjustable using the built in touchscreen interface.

Design that complements.

Access & Hardcover

Even getting in and out of your spa has undergone a total makeover. No longer an afterthought, IKON’s floating steps extend from the spa cabinet and feature a slip proof, Flexiteek™ surface that complements the spa deck.

IKON’s topside has a fitted, folding hardcover made of high-density insulating foam that is secured by super yacht latching. This stylish cover design is completed by a premium, marine grade covering used for luxury outdoor furniture.

I can picture it in Queenstown, or equally, somewhere on the harbour in Sydney or Auckland – a loft in New York.

My ultimate location would be on a deck overlooking the water.”

Ian Thorpe OAM
Olympic Gold Medalist
IKON Ambassador

I can picture it in Queenstown, or equally, somewhere on the harbour in Sydney or Auckland – a loft in New York.

My ultimate location would be on a deck overlooking the water.

Ian Thorpe OAM
Olympic Gold Medalist
IKON Ambassador

Ikon features.

Jet Layout
10 x 4"
Single Spinning Jet
8 x 4"
Directional Jet
18 Jets in total

Water Care

Vortex quality, built to last.

Vortex spas are built with quality, durable materials to withstand Australia and New Zealand’s climate extremes. Backed by our industry leading warranties, you can trust that a Vortex spa is a sound investment that you will enjoy for many years.

Superior Aristech acrylic finish - made in the USA

Vortex spas and swim spas feature luxurious American made acrylic surfaces from Aristech.

Aristech are the world's leading acrylic manufacturer, so we are confident that Vortex spas have the very best surface finish available.

Thermobond 4 layer oven-cured shell

The shell of a spa is its most important component, so all Vortex spa shells are manufactured using a proprietary eight step, four layer process.

The acrylic surface is chemically bonded to vinyl ester resin for unsurpassed adhesion. A marine grade fibreglass layer is applied for torsional strength, before a final polyceramic layer is added for ultimate rigidity. Oven curing is used throughout the process to ensure optimal bonding.

2 cabinet color choices

We know every customer and location is unique. IKON is available in two beautiful colors: Carbon and Cloud, there’s one to suit.

A Cladding that looks stunning and delivers high performance year after year.

Timber free ‘no rot’ Permaframe

Spa pools should be built to withstand the worst that nature can throw at them. Traditionally, spa pools have used timber frames which can be susceptible to rot, mildew and vermin damage.

The Vortex IKON is created using galvanised steel to give you years of trouble free ownership.

High impact moulded ABS base

Spa pools are constantly subjected to water around their base, leaving the underside vulnerable to water ingress and significant damage to framing and equipment.

To prevent this, Vortex portable spas feature a high sided, moulded, high impact ABS base pan that keeps the frame and equipment protected.

Duraflex ‘no kink’ PVC plumbing

Spa pool plumbing has to put up with a lot of wear and tear. The constant movement of hot, chemically treated water can break down pipes and cause leaks and blockages.

To prevent this, Vortex spas and swim spas are plumbed with Duraflex plumbing, which is specifically designed for use with hot, chemically treated water.

Duraflex plumbing incorporates a coil of rigid PVC that will flex but not kink, ensuring equal jet pressure for the life of your spa.

Purezone water care system.

Vortex spas feature the latest innovations in water care technology to deliver crystal clear water with minimal chemicals.

Purezone CD ozone water sanitizing system

Vortex Spas’ CD (corona discharge) ozone water sanitizing system keeps water clean and clear 24/7 by destroying organic material.

The ozone sanitizer is fitted to every Vortex spa and swim spa to help reduce the need for additional chemical use and help keep your spa operating costs down.

Superior hydrotherapy.

Vortex spas are designed to give you a world class hydrotherapy experience. Relax and enjoy our ergonomic seating design.

Hydroflow spinning jets

Take your hydrotherapy massage to the next level with our rotating Hydroflow jets. The rotating action eliminates jet fatigue - that feeling you get when a single flow of water hits the same spot..

To keep our Hydroflow jets spinning year after year we build them tough and without bearings. The unique axle design has been proven to keep on spinning long after many other designs have failed. Hydroflow jets are 100% backed by our 5 year replacement warranty.

Hydrotherapy loungers

The lounger seat is usually the most comfortable and therefore the most coveted seat in the spa. These lay back seats are ergonomically designed and packed with an array of jets to provide massage therapy for your back, legs and feet.

Many Vortex spas have two lounger seats so there’s no fighting over who gets to lie in it.

Stainless steel jet casings

All Vortex spa jets are clad in 304 grade stainless steel cases.

These stainless steel cases not only assist in protecting the jets, they look great and add a layer of luxury and aesthetic appeal to your spa.

Light up your night.

Our innovative applications of LED lighting technology continues to lead the way on how spas are lit. Let Vortex spas light up your night.

Selectable LED lighting effects

Our designers have developed a vast array of illumination options for your spa, all of which can be customised to suit your mood.

The Hydroglow system uses low energy LED bulbs which give 20 beautiful color options.

Full control over the system is provided via the spa's control pad, with the ability to adjust the color, brightness, sequencing and transition speed.

Underwater LED floodlight

There’s a powerful 7 bulb LED floodlight in every Vortex spa to ensure that night time spa use does not leave you lost in the darkness.

You can adjust the brightness of the floodlight, and set it to a color and mode to suit your mood.

Hydroglow jets

The deluxe Hydroglow lighting option illuminates the water jets for a dramatic effect.

Up to 90 individual LED lights are embedded into the spa's jets and controls to make them glow beautifully.

You’ve got the power, and control.

A great spa experience requires industry leading technology from the world’s best brands. Every Vortex spa and swim spa is fitted with best in class equipment to ensure years of pleasurable use.

Premium control systems

In keeping with Vortex Spa's industry leading position on quality and performance, we have partnered with Balboa to provide their state of the art control equipment.

Balboa jet pumps

To ensure that the quality and performance of our equipment suite is unsurpassed, Vortex Spas partner with Balboa to develop water and air pumps that that set the industry benchmark, and deliver high performance and longevity.

Intelligent, silent circulation pump

The Balboa silent circulation pump drives water through the filtration and heating systems with whisper quiet efficiency.

The filtration cycle duration can be programmed to match the spa's use. This limits energy use and wear and tear on pumps.

Vortex spas use an intelligent algorithm to ensure that the pump will run for the minimum period to ensure hot, clean water, 24 hours per day.

Output heater

A typical plug-in (10 or 15amp) spa heater shuts down when the spa’s pump is activated. This allows the water temperature to drop - not what you want in the middle of your hydrotherapy.

When a Vortex spa pump is engaged, the heater detects in real time how much power is still available, and uses that power to keep the spa elements heating.

Energy efficiency at the core.

You should be able to use your spa every day without worrying about the power bill. To lower spa running costs and save you money, we have developed the following energy saving technologies.

Intelligent thermal tuning

Vortex spas use AI (Artificial Intelligence) software to measure and learn from individual spa usage and operational patterns.

This technology then adjusts heating cycles to minimise energy use, saving up to 20% of the spa's heating costs. Water temperature drops can be limited to within 0.2 degrees of your set temperature.

High density lockable cover

Because heat rises, most of the heat lost from your spa will be through the insulated cover.

Vortex spa covers are 50% denser than most other spa pool covers. Because we use 24kg/m3 insulation, this high density spa cover limits heat loss and further reduces the costs associated with heating the water.

Premium multi-layer insulation

Heat is also lost through the side of the spa shell, cabinet and base. To reduce this heat loss, Vortex spas are fitted with multiple layers of insulation, each designed for a specific purpose.

Unlike some spas that utilise single type, block or full foam insulation, the insulation system in Vortex spas can be removed for easy maintenance when required.

Dry weight 1014 lb
Filled weight 3602 lb
Intuitive spa controller SpaTouch1
Programmable circulation pump 1
Jet pump 1
Output heater 5.5kW max
Electrical requirements 50amps max
Dimensions incl steps 12' x 7' 6” x 35.5“
Frame Lifetime
Shell structure 10 years
Acrylic surface 5 years
Parts and labor 6 years

Flexiteek™ spa deck
Aluminum composite cabinet
Screwless quick release access
Floating Flexiteek™ steps*
Superior Aristech acrylic finish
Thermobond oven cured shell
2 cabinet color choices
Steel frame construction
High impact moulded ABS base
Duraflex ‘no kink’ PVC plumbing


Selectable lighting
Underwater LED floodlight
Hydroglow LED jet lighting


Hydroflow spinning jets
Stainless steel jet casings
Hydrotherapy loungers

Water care

CD Ozone water sanitizing system


Balboa Spatouch™ premium control system


Intelligent thermal tuning
Lockable thermal hardcover
Premium multi layer insulation